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Saddle Fitting Appointments


We are happy to come to you and your horse for free within a 40 mile radius of Napa, California. We do charge $1/mile for distances outside of that radius.

Regular fittings are $175 for 2 hours (each additional hour is $ 55). However, $100 can go towards the purchase price of the saddle, should you choose to buy a new saddle/order a custom saddle the same day as the fitting (this discount does not apply to used saddles).

In case of a last minute (less than 24 hours) cancellation of an appointment, there is a $100 non-refundable fee that will be charged to your credit card.

Re-check appointments

For re-checks, we charge  250 for a new evaluation of the horse, checking the gullet, checking the flocking of the panels and making all changes to the tree that are neccessary.

If flocking is neccessary, there will be a bundle price of $ 375 for all 3 services.

The travel fee is 25 USD for distances in between 40 miles to our office in Napa, plus 1 USD per each mile for barns that are more far out. 


One Week Trial


We are offering a free 7 days trial if you need some more time to be sure. Each additional week will be charged with $ 100. There is no pick up service for trial saddles so you have to bring it or ship it to our office in Napa if you decide to return the saddle. 


In case we do not have a saddle fitter in your area, we are happy to ship you the saddle of your choosing. We do ask for a deposit (the full price of the saddle) prior to shipment. The price of the saddle will be refunded once/if the saddle is returned in good condition.  There is a $100  handling fee for regular ground shipping , that is non-refundable.

After receiving the saddle, you have 7 days to test ride it. Should you need more time, please contact us no less than 24hrs before your 7 day trial period is up. Each additional week is charged with $ 100.

To return the saddle to us, please use our box and make sure that the saddle is free of any damage and dirt. If we receive the saddle in a condition other than that in which it was sent to you, we do reserve the right to charge a depreciation value to your deposit. So please take utmost care of the saddle while it is in your possession.

Please note that the costs for shipment (to and from) are payed by the customer. 


If you like to get a saddle for trial, please contact me and request our tracing kit.


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