BMP Basic Relax

This amazing  saddle pad helps to distribute the rider's weight perfectly on the horse's back therefore protecting it.
The patented material combination in the inside carries the weight on a larger surface area avoiding/regulating any pressure points of the saddle.  Yet, it does not influence your contact to the horse as you still sit closely and are able to work with light aids.

The pad also allows the horse's shoulder to rotate easily below the saddle allowing the muscles of the horse to work and grow. 


For dressage or jumping saddles. Highest quality, made in Germany.

Available in: black, brown, green, blue, white, grey and red

Price:  179 USD



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Maxflex Saddle Pad

High quality dressage saddle pad, fits most common dressage saddles.
With velcro strap to attach on the billet straps. Machine washable


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maxflex merino sheepskin correction pad

This high quality cotton saddle pad has a merino sheepskin underside (halfway) and it can be used to correct saddle fitting problems or back problems of the horse as it has pockets to fill with partial or full inlays (inlays are not part of the order). It can be machine washed at low temperatures. It also comes with the velcro straps to be attached to the billet straps of the saddles. Fits all common dressage saddles.


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maxflex anatomical dressage girth

Our anatomical dressage girth is a best seller. It is made from very soft leather and is combined with padding to offer superior comfort without restricting  the horse's movement.


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Christ Sheepskin girth

Christ sheepskin girth anatomical shape
machine washable


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CAS Equestrian 100" merino sheepskin girth

100% merino sheepskin girth in anatomical shape, very comfortable for the horse with bug ellbow cut out, can be machine washed at low temperatures


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Stirrup Leathers

Our stirrup leathers are made from quality leather.

We offer both regular and mono stirrup leathers in Black and Brown.


Mono Leathers (Pictured)

Price: 115 USD


Regular Leathers

Price: 125 USD


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Leather Care

Our oil and balm leaves the leather feeling supple and soft without that sticky residual grease that most products create.


Leather Oil

Price: $10


Small Leather balm



Large Leather Balm

Price: $16.50


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