BMP Basic Relax

This amazing  saddle pad helps to distribute the rider's weight perfectly on the horse's back therefore protecting it.
The patented material combination in the inside carries the weight on a larger surface area avoiding/regulating any pressure points of the saddle.  Yet, it does not influence your contact to the horse as you still sit closely and are able to work with light aids.

The pad also allows the horse's shoulder to rotate easily below the saddle allowing the muscles of the horse to work and grow. 


For dressage or jumping saddles. Highest quality, made in Germany.

Available in: black, brown, green, blue, white, grey and red

Price:  179 USD



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Maxflex Saddle Pad

High quality dressage saddle pad, fits most common dressage saddles.
With velcro strap to attach on the billet straps. Machine washable


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maxflex merino sheepskin correction pad

This high quality cotton saddle pad has a merino sheepskin underside (halfway) and it can be used to correct saddle fitting problems or back problems of the horse as it has pockets to fill with partial or full inlays (inlays are not part of the order). It can be machine washed at low temperatures. It also comes with the velcro straps to be attached to the billet straps of the saddles. Fits all common dressage saddles.


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maxflex anatomical dressage girth

Our anatomical dressage girth is a best seller. It is made from very soft leather and is combined with padding to offer superior comfort without restricting  the horse's movement.


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Christ Sheepskin girth

Christ sheepskin girth anatomical shape
machine washable


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CAS Equestrian 100" merino sheepskin girth

100% merino sheepskin girth in anatomical shape, very comfortable for the horse with bug ellbow cut out and a big and soft supportive area at the sternum, can be machine washed at low temperatures. The height of the fur is approximately 20 to 25 mm and it is attached firmly to the cotton. It wont change its shape even after many times of washing.


Some facts on girths :)
It is proven that a fitting girth has a huge impact on the wellbeing and range of motion of the horse. A study from the UK proved that the highest pressure is not developed at the sternum at the horse but yes directly behind the ellbows. We therefore only advertise and manufacture girths that have a cut-out at the ellbows as well as a huge and padded area at the sternum. This reduces the pressure and also allows the horse a wider range of motion with its frontlegs.

Another study from Australia dealt with the question "what happens with the performance of my horses in regards to how tense the girths is". They used different tensions from 5 to 20 kg. The study showed that already between 5 and 10 kg the horses showed less performance and got tired faster. We therefore do not offer girths with elastic as they entice to be tensed more and they always maintain the same (high) pressure on the torso (which is uncomfortable for some horses) whereas a girth without elastic relaxes and tightens according to the breathing of the horse.
Please also always keep in mind, that a muscle under work gets shorter and thicker, so please check the tension of the girth during training as well. I guess there is a million more things to say about girth, this is just some thoughts that we considered in the manufacturing of our girth. But each horse is an individual with its own preferences. Listen to your horse and it will tell you what type of girth is the best.


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Super excited to bring the next equestrian innovation from Europe to the United States.

The Cavemore was invented by Jossy Reynvoet and Bent Branderup, its a bitless bridle that combines the Cavecon with a Hackamore. Its great for anyone that is looking for a bitless alternative to the double bridle for collection work. It comes with 3 rings on the noseband. It can be used with your own english headstall.


Available in COB and FULL size


in black with brass

in black with silver

in brown with brass

in brown with silver


139 USD (headstall and reins not included)


The Cavemore is great
for more collective work and
for horses

- that have a hard time to relax with a bit

- are grinding teeth

- like to hide behind the vertical and for a lot more



Copyright pictures:

Ralf SchmittM; Bianca Grön



Also a bitless bridle needs to be in the hands of an experienced rider. The softness of the communication is created with the hand of the rider and not with the tool.


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