Carlos Carneiro PT

This is a really nice saddle that has competed a lot in Working Equitation already. The seat is very comfortable and the kneeblocks are soft but there when you need them. The saddle has wide, connected panels that provide a really good contact area. It comes equipped with the classic Portuguese metals that are imported directly from Portugal.


This saddle is dedicated to Carlos Carneiro, a gifted and passionate rider that lives in Napa, California, training Lusitanos in classical dressage and working equitation. For more information, please refer to or on Facebook "Carlos Carneiro"


This saddle can come in the following colors: Black, Africano (dark brown), Oak (red brown), Cognac (yellow brown), or two toned 

The piping and stitching can be customized as well: red, brown, black, white, beige, blue, green, rosa, gold, oak, cognac



Starting at 4150 USD (excluding VAT and shipping)