Incredibly comfortable dressage saddle, great for working equitation, dressage and / or trailriding. The seat has a special mold that gives you a wonderful support, especially when your buttom is not size 0. Supportive kneerolls, that guide your thighs but do not restrict your knee or push back your lower leg.
As always, available in different sizes and colors and designs.
Wool flocked and the tree is fully adjustable.This saddle is also equipped with the front d-ring to attach an air vest. It also has some more d-rings (the front ones can be detached) for light luggage or the rain jacket on a long trail ride.
Rider recommendation:
This saddle is a perfect allrouder. Equiped with a classical dressage seat it is great for any level of flatwork. But also great on trail rides and offers therefore a lot of d-rings to attach a rain jacket or light luggage. I also see this saddle in the working equitation due to the versatility. It will give you a great support in the speed phase and keeps your leg in place.

This saddle can come in the following colors: Black, Africano (dark brown), Oak (red brown), Cognac (yellow brown), or two toned.

The piping and stitching can be customized as well: red, brown, black, white, beige, blue, green, rosa, gold, oak, cognac. And last but not least you can set highlights with patent leather or faux croco leather trims, patent leather or faux croco leather cantle, crystals on the cantle or flap...... you name it, we do it :)



Starting at 3950 USD (excluding VAT and shipping)