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 Ask Angela Langen anything about saddles or saddle fitting, and her eyes light up with the glow of a personal passion.


She delights in describing the advantages and disadvantages of the smallest details of saddle design and their effects on both horse and rider.


Her extensive knowledge comes

from twenty years of both hands-on experience as well as the study of equine anatomy and biomechanics.









Angela founded the original maxflex Saddle company with a partner in Germany in 2008 and

brought the brand to North America in 2017. Her prior experience includes working as a

veterinarian technician and as an associate with a treeless saddle manufacturer. But it was as an

entrepreneur on a mission that she found her true calling with maxflex.

Today, she maintains a close relationship with the original maxflex company in Germany.

However, the focus of her time and boundless energy is building this unique and innovative brand

within the now-separate maxflex company that is headquartered in the United States. It’s no

surprise that she selected Aiken, SC as home base. Aiken is a small town that is a well-known hub

for many equestrian sports, including dressage, eventing, hunters and jumpers, polo and fox



Angela brings a customer-first perspective to the design and fitting of saddles that is rare in

today’s profit-driven marketplace. She has a deep regard for and understanding of the classic

methods of saddle design and construction. Some of these methods have been discarded by other

manufacturers in favor of more streamlined and profitable production methods. Her firm belief is

that some steps that are key to comfort in a saddle should not be skipped just because they are a

little more time-consuming to produce.


Simultaneously, she knows that some new, more technologically advanced materials offer benefits

over certain traditional materials. For years, Angela has devised ingenious ways to integrate the

best of the traditional production methods with top modern materials.

Angela genuinely cares about the comfort of her customers and their horses.


This attitude animates every step of her process:

1. The initial evaluation of saddling needs

2. The careful, methodical fitting

3. The ongoing servicing of every unique client and horse after a saddle is sold


Her viewpoint inspires the selection and training of her employees as well.


 Angela Langen is a woman on a mission to revolutionize the comfort and performance of sport

horses, one horse and rider at a time.


Whether you are within physical distance for in-person service or dealing with maxflex via

remote consultations, you will experience a satisfaction with the process like no other.


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