Melina Pro

This saddle is one of our bestsellers already since 2009. You will meet thousands of happy riders all over the world.


The Melina Pro is a dressage saddle with a deep seat and big knee blocks. And the great feature is that we offer the kneerolls with either foam OR wool flocked. Thats so unique and with wool flocked kneerolls, we can fully modify the amount of kneeroll support that you like. 
This saddle is a mono flap and offers a close contact feel with a narrow twist.

Flap length is at 16" as per standard but can be modified with upcharge according to your wishes.


This saddle can come in the following colors: Black, Africano (dark brown), Oak (red brown), Cognac (yellow brown), or two toned (pictured above)


The piping and stitching can be customized as well: red, brown, black, white, beige, blue, green, rosa, gold, oak, cognac. And of course you can put highlights with patent leather or croqo style leather as well as adding some crystals. The choice is yours :)



Starting at 3850 USD (excluding VAT and shipping)