Create your design .... thats the hardest part :)

Design your maxflex

You have some options to give a personal signature to your new saddle.
From patent leather to art croco leather cantles or little crystals or colorful pipings and / or stitches, time to get creative.

Here is our options and the prices:


Piping color (when it differs from leather color): USD 10
Stitches color ( when it differs from leather color): USD 10

Leather upgrade to Buffalo:  USD 200

2 different leather colors: USD 80
3 different leather colors: USD 120

Extra D-Rings: USD 25

Longer flap: USD 80
Shorter flap: USD 80
Forward the flap (by 1"): USD 120

Patent leather trim: USD 120
Art croco leather: USD 140

Keeper (stirrup leather holder):

Art croco leather: USD 40
Crystal: USD 20
Patent leather: USD 20

Cantle options:
Art croco leather: USD 120
Patent leather: USD 80
Crystals: USD 120