Close, closer - Picasu.
If you really wanna sit close to your horse, try that saddle. The panels "melts" into the flap for that extra close contact.


Flap length is at 15.5" as per standard (but we can always vary the flap length with upcharge).
Wool flocked panels that can easily be adjusted if needed. Great size of kneerolls that give a good support without pushing the riders knees. Great balance point too for a natural position.

This saddle can come in the following colors: Black, Africano (dark brown), Oak (red brown), Cognac (yellow brown), or two toned 


Riders recommendation:
If you want a saddle, that sits you, then this is the right saddle for you.
Due to the lower profile panels, we do not recommend it for horses with really high withers but yes for straight or curvy backs with medium to low withers.


The piping and stitching can be customized as well: red, brown, black, white, beige, blue, green, rosa, gold, oak, cognac.
And of course you can put highlights with patent leather or croqo style leather as well as adding some crystals. The choice is yours :)



 Starting at  4050 USD (excluding VAT and shipping)