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As a leading saddlery in the sector of flexible saddles, we dedicate ourselves since 2008 with the production of high-quality, easy-to-fit saddles in close co-operation with veterinarians, horse instructors and professional riders. 

Why a maxflex saddle?

We are totally aware the fact that it 's only a few saddles that are bad for the horse due to technical features or construction. 
Bad is mostly the way to work with them at the horse. Directly during selling and later in the maintaining after changes of the horses body. 

In addition to have a wide range of technical possibilites to adapt the saddle perfectly to your horse, you also need an expert who is able to ask the full possibilities the maxflex provides. 

We educate all our saddlefitters perfectly to fullfill all your wishes and the needs of your horse. 


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(c) Helena Smallborrows





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