Technical Features

The Tree



All our models are based on our flexible tree with reinforced steel springs that has been successfully approved for the past 8 years.
The tree is made of a special polyurethane that gives us the exact degree of flexibility required to fit the saddles perfectly to each horse's back. Whether straight or more curved, it can adapt to both. The tree is re-enforced with steel springs to  absorb and distribute the rider's weight optimally.

The Custom Gullet



We have a unique system that allows us to remove the gullet easily from the saddle and customize it to the horse's back with utmost precision. Whether the horse has a straightforward back or a more complicated back, we are up for the challenge. The easy access to the gullet also allows trainers and owners alike to use the same saddle for different horses (within reason).


The Seat



The seat is modeled on the tree with a very high quality foam that maximizes the comfort of the riders. It is than finished and covered with top-of- line Argentinian leather.



The Sandwich Panels

The Girthing System



We also offer a very smart billet system consisting of 2 parts.


Part 1:  is the double V-billets that prevents pressure points through even distribution over a wider area. However, we do not attach the billets to the gullet as this would limit the rotation of the tree in the front and therefore restrict the movement of the shoulder under the saddle.


Part 2:  are the 4 loops that allow us to lead the billets through at the end of the flap. These special loops help us to adapt perfectly to the horse's girth position.

For a horse with a forward girth position, we can use loop 1 and 3 or 2 and 3. For a horse that is making the saddle too busy in the back, we can use loop 3 and 4. This is a nice and very horse friendly way to customize this important part of the saddle.



The Spinal Channel



Our spinal channel is per standard 4 to 5 cm wide but can be customized in case it is needed.

However, too wide is not good for the horse. The wider the channel is the smaller the area where the horse carries the weight, since the contact area on the longissimus dorsi becomes smaller as a consequence. Also, note that the "legs" of the tree must lay on the panels. Therefore, if you want a narrower twist we would have to adapt the panels according to that. 


Normally a spinal channel of 4 to 5 cm is more than enough but in extra wide cases, we can widen it as well.






The Winner of an Electronic Pressure Measurement Test



Our saddle was the winner in an independent pressure point measurement test where they measured and compared the pressure that arrives on the horses back. We had 2 horses with 2 riders and in total 14 saddles to test.


The maxflex showed the best results of all brands tested there. You can see that on the right, there are zero pressure points and that the shoulder is perfectly free. The rotation of the saddle head is responsible for that incredible result. Our saddles also provide a long and wide contact area on the horse's back all the while never going over the longissimus dorsi at the 18th rib.


Maxflex on the right vs. another saddle on the left.



The Parts of The Saddle