SaltAir-Cavallo - Halotherapy

The health and wellbeing of horses always had been my thrive in my personal and professional life. Therefore I couldn't be more happy to be the official representative of SaltAir Cavallo.
After spending here 4 California summers with perfect sunshine but also with incredible bad air quality up to 680 AQI due to the wildfires and dust, dust and more dust, i was so worried about the health of my horses. Especially last year it brought me to tears to have our beloved horses exposed to all that. Thats when i started looking for a device that helps them cleaning the respiratory system. Since i am personally a HUGE fan of Halotherapy (in my eyes there is nothing better for a stuffed nose and flus), i started researching for the best devices on the market and my research led me home to germany.
The saltair cavallo is working with ultrasonic so we can assure that the salt enriched steam reaches all the way up to the alveolis of the lungs. Its easy to move and set up and easy to maintain and service. It requires just 1 tablespoon of dead sea salt for 1 litre of distilled water.
If your horse suffers from the smoke and dust, has allergies or respiratory issues or you just wanna give him a wellness day, contact me. The SaltAir Cavallo is available for rent or purchase.
In the bay area and Napa Valley, i can offer 30 min sessions for 40 USD plus gas expenses (to be shared through all horse owners). Or rent the device including the salt for 340 USD / 2 weeks, 630 USD / 4 weeks plus shipping costs or costs for delivery.
We also have halotherapy devices soon available for purchase for 3850 USD (plus CA sales tax if applicable). We offer attractive 48 months payment plans as well.
Check out for more information and contact me when you are interested in a spa day.


..... as for us humans, health is also very important for your horses. Only a healthy horse can achieve top performance and success in sport, breeding and keeping.


In the course of time and due to climate changes, we all have to struggle with complaints and illnesses again and again. This is also not uncommon with horses. A weakened immune system in particular provides a breeding ground for pathogens.


The respiratory tract often suffers, which can lead to chronic diseases of the lungs.

Possible causes often lie in the details. Like moldy hay, quality changes of the food or not to forget too short regeneration phases for the animal after coughs or colds. This can lead to secondary diseases, which can also infect other animals.