Customize your saddle exactly the way you want.


For the seat sizes, you can choose from:

         16.5", 17", 17.5", 18", 18.5", and 19"


For stitching and piping, you can choose:
         Red, Brown, Black, White, Beige, Blue, Green, Rosa, Gold, Oak, Cognac


For types of accent leather, you can choose from 2 styles:

         Patent leather and Art-croco leather 

               Option 1: includes stirrup leather holder and the border piping.

               Option 2: includes stirrup leather holder, the border piping and the cantle. 


For the design of your saddle, you have the choice of 4 leather colours:

         You can combine more than one leather color for your saddle. 

         Black, Africano (chocolate brown), Oak (red brown) and Cognac (yellow brown)                                 

Some examples of customization options: